Minimalism: So, you want to save the world?

WARNING: LIVING IN THE MODERN WORLD IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Twenty-first century living should come with a government health warning. Published research that has analysed the way we live in the western world highlights the hidden dangers in the lifestyle that we take for granted. The sedentary life of the couch potato. Junk food. … Continue reading Minimalism: So, you want to save the world?

Living Deliberately: wearing expertise lightly.

There is a fluency and an ease with which true mastery and expertise always expresses itself, whether it be in writing, whether it be in a mathematical proof, whether it be in a dance that you see on stage, really in every domain. But I think the question is, you know, where does that fluency … Continue reading Living Deliberately: wearing expertise lightly.

The Wonkiness of Life.

WABI SABI. The discovery of beauty in imperfection; The acceptance of the cycle of life and death. Wabi Sabi is not the Lone Ranger's younger brother, but a concept arising from a japanese aesthetic of art appreciation. It is closely linked with Zen Buddhism. It is very difficult to describe exactly what constitutes Wabi Sabi, but … Continue reading The Wonkiness of Life.